Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"O" is for Overwhelming Taxes

We're just finishing up our taxes - last minute, of course. I have just about decided it is not worth it to have income, particularly if that income comes from a small business. Most of what we could actually count as profit seems to be going to pay taxes.

I'm seriously considering giving up the civilized life and moving to a trailer in Slab City, Arizona, or a tree house somewhere in the redwood forest, maybe a cave down in Southern Utah. I'll just live off the land and not earn anything that can be taxed. Life would be so much more simple.

I wonder if any of those places I'm thinking of have internet access?


  1. I'm glad you got your taxes finished!

  2. My uncle is 'off the grid' which roughly translates to him bouncing around from couch to couch.....he's pretty happy though!

  3. I share your pain, as do most other income earning Americans, Warren Buffett aside (I understand he enjoys paying taxes and wants the rest of us to enjoy paying more).


  4. Arrgh! Taxes! I used to absolutely hate doing my taxes in England but now my husband does them ... phew! Makes moving to the US worthwhile lol. I am visiting from the A-Z :)