Monday, April 2, 2012

"A" and "B" are for Anti-Bullying Video

Have you heard Ali and Christina Christensen's new release, "The Same Way," or seen the video? I'm posting it below. It is in memory of Jacob Mortensen, a 13-year-old boy Christina went to school with, who committed suicide in 2009 because of bullying.

Have you ever been bullied? It happens in all kinds of ways. I imagine most people think of bullying as things like stuffing the skinny little guy in his own locker, or giving a wedgie, maybe tripping a kid in the cafeteria so his lunch tray goes flying. All those things happen to be physical abuse as well. See, that's what bullying is, abuse. Dumping someone headfirst into a garbage can. That's physically abusive. Calling someone names. That's verbal abuse. Smearing someone's reputation on Facebook or sending hate emails. Verbal and emotional abuse.

In fact, all bullying or abuse, whatever form it comes in, is emotional abuse. Whether or not it leaves physical damage, it can cause emotional scars that may take years to heal, if they ever do.

Bullying needs to be stopped, and the only way to do it is through education. Educate the bullies that it is not acceptable and there will be consequences. Educate the victims that they do not deserve to be abused, and there is help.

For starters, we can make this video go viral.


  1. This is such an important topic. Thanks for sharing, Marta!

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  2. Hello Marta,

    What a well-written post on an important topic. I found you on the A to Z Challenge, and I will definitely be back to read more of your writing!! Keep up the great work.

    Stop over at my site too if you get a chance. :) I write humor stuff (or sometimes serious stuff that people laugh at? Does that make it humor then?).


  3. Is that the little boy (think he was 7?) who killed himself? How awful is that...

    I hope all these campaigns against bullying work and people learn that their crap will not be tolerated! I was bullied in school, treated like garbage by just about everyone all cause I was into comic books and cartoons instead of makeup and boys. It's great being a geek, eh? It all stopped though when I met my husband (I was in 10th grade, he was in 11th when we met) 'cause he was one of those rough and tumble kinda guys :P

    But yea, now that I'm off topic LOL Great post! Definitely gonna share this one!

  4. oh, i just realized that matthew told you how to turn off the word verification and my friend wrote a super funny post about how to do it:

    have a great day!

  5. Thank you for the important reminder Marta. Have a happy day :)

  6. Bullying has become as sophisticated as everything else in the modern world and now there's no escape for the victims. I would love to see it ended.

  7. Bullying is one of the worst ways to break somebody's spirit, and it comes in so many different forms. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I added a little info about Jacob Mortensen, the boy the song is dedicated to.

  9. This is important and a clever way to combine A & B. Well done!