Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, My Aching Hands!

I swiped this cartoon from Tristi Pinkston's blog. It reminds me of my life, except she should be wearing blue striped pajamas, the dog should be a cat trying to shove it's head under her hands as she is typing, and her desk is not messy enough. My day job is medical transcription. I work from home, which means I can go to work in my pajamas. It also means I'm supposed to be typing as fast as I can for 8 hours a day. This month I've been getting a lot of overtime because a couple of my coworkers quit and have not yet been replaced. This is a serious deterent to doing anything else involving a keyboard, like blogging and working on my other writing projects. I think this is my first post in the month of January. Got to get back on the wagon.