Friday, April 13, 2012

"L" is for Laptop

I love my laptop. For years, I put off getting one, mostly because the keyboard was flat. In my real job (the one I actually earn money with) I type all day long, and I'm going for speed. I'm used to a regular, slanted keyboard. I even found one with a slight curve to it, not quite the split ergo keyboard, but a little more natural feeling. All the laptops I had ever tried had this icky, flat keyboard, and the keys were too small, and it felt weird, and there's that weird thumb pad that if you accidentally touch makes things on the screen go all wonky.

For several years I used an AlphaSmart, which is a keyboard with a screen and a huge amount memory. It was light enough and small enough that I could slip it into a notebook-size purse and take it with me everywhere. It was great, until it started having battery issues, and I couldn't find the cord to transfer my on-the-go writing to my home computer.

So I finally gave in. I was going to a writer's retreat and I needed something portable, with internet access. I was able to find a laptop that was reasonably light and had normal-size keys (although it was still flat). If I need to do any speed typing, I can always plug in my special keyboard. I got used to it fast. Now I wonder how I ever got along without it. How did anyone even live without computers?

Now all I need is an extension screen that will lift up to eye level so I can get rid of "laptop neck" from looking down all the time.

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