Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A to Z Challenge Blogfest - W is for WIP (Work In Progress)

I have many, MANY works in progress. That's one of the drawbacks of ADD. It's great for creativity, but tough for sticking to one thing. But currently I'm using an index card outline system that allows me to jump back and forth from one WIP to another, as the ideas come. So what am I working on?

My main project is "Faithful," an action suspense involving Old Faithful, a cult leader, and lots of explosives. This one has been fun to research. I've got a nephew-in-law who is a physics professor and knows all about which explosives have the effect I need. It makes for some interesting conversations at family gatherings. Another friend is a jet mechanic and was nice enough to answer some questions I had about how to disable a private jet. He did wonder what in the world I was up to.

Currently my secondary project is "I Speak Geek," a humorous YA. I got the idea for this one after attending a writer's conference that was mainly aimed at science fiction/fantasy writers. Most of the attendees there spoke a different language, or at least a different dialect, that I did. (Not to say that science fiction/fantasy writers are all geeks, but a disproportionate number of them seem to have a better understanding of computers than I do.) So I started wondering, what if someone had grown up in a very intellectual family and understood all the vocabulary and inside jokes, and then could act as a "translator" between geeks and everyone else at school. All I need is a good plot.

So that's what I'm spending (most of) my writing time on currently. I'll post status updates again soon.


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