Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Giving Thanks: I am thankful for a totally awesome shoe sale!

First of all, I'm not a shoe collector. My main criteria are comfort and lack of ugly. But today I took my daughter shoe shopping. She's going on an LDS mission to New Zealand. (I know, right? I'm so jealous.) She is supposed to take five pairs of shoes with her. This doesn't include athletic shoes. Now, these can't be any ordinary shoes. They have to be sturdy enough and comfortable enough for walking, because she's going to be doing a lot of walking. They also have to be cute enough to wear with a skirt, because she will be wearing a skirt the majority of the time.

We took an afternoon and drove to the big city and I thought maybe we should try a certain big department store first, because they had a huge selection of everything. (Turns out that was a little bit of inspiration.) There was a sign at the front entrance that said we could get an additional 15%, 20%, or 30% by using our store charge card. Normally, I don't like to use department store cards, ( although I have one) except for super awesome discounts like this. When we reached the shoe department, we saw they were having a major sale on exactly the type cute walking shoes, we were looking for.

My daughter found three pairs of shoes to buy. She would have bought more, but they didn't have her size. We may order some on the website. Then we went to a big box shoe store nearby and found one more pair.

The best part of the day, though, was being able to spend some quality girl time and talk about anything and everything with my daughter before she leaves for another hemisphere for a year and a half.

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  1. I definitely enjoyed spending quality time with my mother also =)