Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giving Thanks: I am thankful for audio books.

There are some things in this world that I really dislike, housework and exercising and weeding, specifically. It seems no matter how often you do them, they have to be repeated over and over again. It never ends. But I have discovered that listening to a good audio book makes the dreaded tasks go faster. It works best if I only allow myself to listen to my current book while I am doing one of my dreaded tasks. I have found myself walking a little further, just because I have to know what happens next.

Some authors, like Shannon Hale, have a style that begs to be read out loud. With the right narrator, some books, like the entire Harry Potter series, sounds so much better than I could ever imagine in my head. (And of course, the books are better than the movies.) Most recently, I listened to Steelheart, Brandon Sanderson's latest book. It's a departure from his usual epic fantasy style, and more of a near future, dystopian, epic style. Everything Sanderson writes is epic, by which I mean long. I can get a lot of boring stuff done while listening to one of his books. But now that I've finished that one, I'm hunting for another good audio book. Suggestions, anyone?

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