Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breath of Heaven and Heirlooms

Here are two beautiful Christmas songs from Amy Grant. The first is "Breath of Heaven," sung from Mary's point of view.

This next song is "Heirlooms." I love how it ties together families and Christ, which are "all that I come from, and all that I live for, and all that I'm going to be."


And speaking of families (how's that for a segway), the Family Record Keeper was created by Mary Greathouse. It's one binder style book with sections to record all the important information for your family and your life. Have you ever had to look everywhere for your children's immunization records? How about trying to remember where your son is at in the scouting program? How about everyone's school schedules and work schedules and church meetings? This is the one place to track everything. It's a handy size, just 7" x 9", to fit in a purse for a visit to the doctor, or in a 72-hour kit in case of emergency. I can think of several people (like me) who could really use this as a Christmas present.

Here is what Mary says on her blog about how she came up with Family Record Keeper.

"As the mother of seven, I know just how hard it is to keep track of everyone's important records. My own calendars....wherever they are now... are covered with special events, health crises, activities and so many other things that I need access to. I got tired of pulling out seven baby books to access dates and medical records, including immunizations. Not to mention no one made a book for MY medical records as an adult.

"I got the big idea that I should have all of those records in one book that I could drag around with me or grab in an emergency. Kind of a hand sized command center. No one made such a product. And it wouldn't have room for nine people if they did. Hey! I could use a three-ring binder like my cookbooks and add all the people I needed. Plus, I could keep the book with my cookbooks where I could actually find it. Voila! The Family Record Keeper."

Click on this link for ordering information.

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