Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mom Rocks!

This past Sunday (Mother's Day) we left our own church meeting early so that we could hear my mother speak in Sacrament Meeting. I didn't feel very bad about missing out on the Mother's Day gift I would have received after our own meeting. It was a plant. It would have died a slow, painful death anyway. My mother recently turned 91. She wanted to go to college and serve a mission, but she decided to marry my father instead. (All 9 of her children are very grateful for her decision.) She has always been an avid reader and is self-educated. There is a saying about being blessed because my mother read to me. I was doubly blessed. Not only did my mother read to me, she read her own books where I could see her example.
Back to Mom's Sacrament Meeting talk. Her first sentence, which I wrote down verbatim, was "We are blessed as women to hold an equal place with men in the sight of God. But with that comes great responsibility." She then spoke about how parents bear equal responsibility to raise and nurture their children. (Incidentally, that was my father's attitude, too.) So on the outside, I was being very calm and reverent. On the inside, I was jumping up and down, yelling, "Yeah! Go, Mom!" I knew there were people there who needed to hear that. So, yeah, my Mom pretty much rocks!


  1. I think your Mom is pretty amazing. What a great woman and role model. I see her love and influence in her Daughters and Granddaughters that I know!

  2. THAT is an AWESOME first line for a Sacrament Meeting talk!!! Way to go, Mom!! :)

  3. I love the power of that statement. Wham right off the bat. Love it. :)