Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reflections During the Night Before Thanksgiving

I'm thankful I have electricity to power the my oven and refrigerator.
I'm thankful my oven is big enough for two turkeys at once (13 pounds and 10 pounds).
I'm thankful I can go to the grocery store and choose two turkeys out of the freezer without the ickiness of slaughtering, plucking, and removing the innards of said turkeys. (That little paper package of internal organs is about all I can deal with.)
I'm thankful for those pop-up tender timer thingies in the turkeys and the plastic oven bags that make cooking a turkey almost a no brainer.
I'm thankful that I have enough to eat and more, as evidenced by the leftovers I had to throw out to make room in the refrigerator for the above-mentioned two turkeys.
I'm thankful for a refrigerator to keep food from spoiling, unless I leave it in there so long it looks like a science experiment and have to throw it out.
I'm thankful for Rhodes Baking Company, because with only my own skill, my dinner rolls would be little roll-shaped bricks.
I'm thankful my mother is still living and it feels like I am going home when I go to her house.
I'm thankful to have Thanksgiving dinner some place other than my house.
I'm thankful I am able to help with Thanksgiving dinner so my mother doesn't have to lift a finger unless she wants to. (She insists the pies are her job, with a little help from Marie Calendar.)
I'm thankful for sisters who have taken responsibility for other parts of our Thanksgiving meal, so no one has to be full-time kitchen slave this year.
I'm thankful I have a car to get to my mother's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and a husband to drive the car because I will probably be sleepy from staying up late to clean out the refrigerator to make room for two turkeys.
I'm thankful for a day set aside to celebrate all the things that I am thankful for.

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