Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmastime - Hilary Weeks

I just love Hilary's voice. And I love her trust in God. From her blog:

"I have learned that God's hand is ever present in my life, that His miracles and promises are real, that He makes us enough and more, that every good gift comes from Him, that He is aware of this project, that He has inspired me to reach for lofty goals, that He will provide a way, that there are reasons for everything, that we can trust Him, that if we follow where he leads we'll find ourselves in amazing places, that He loves me and that the future is incredibly bright."

Sometimes, I just need to hear somebody say that.

Hilary just released a new album called Every Step, which debuted at #6 on Billboard's Christian Albums list. The first single is "Beautiful Heartbreak." You can find the video here. If you know someone who likes more mellow Christian music, this would make a very nice Christmas present.

"Christmastime" is from Hilary Weeks' album of the same name. You can click here to order it from her website.


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  2. I love Hilary's music, too! I was especially touched when I watched "Beautiful Heartbreak."