Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day - In Gratitude

In the month of November we celebrate Thanksgiving. This month, I'm trying to ignore all the early Christmas merchandising, and think of what I am thankful for.

On my list of blessings I am thankful for are all the things that come as a benefit of being a citizen of the United States. I can belong to whatever religion I choose, or no religion at all. I can say whatever I want to say, write what I want to write, read what I want to read.

But all of these privileges have a price. It is the soldiers of the U.S. Military who have paid that price, from the Revolutionary War, right up to the war against terrorism that is going on now. So to all veterans, past, present, and future, I give thanks to you and for you.

In memory of PFC Jacob Hamilton Allcott. Born July 26, 1984, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Killed in the line of duty April 22, 2006, Baghdad, Iraq.

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