Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Getting together with family and friends? Feasting until you are so full you can't move? Pilgrims and pumpkin pie? Macy's parade? Football? Scanning the sales ads in preparation for Black Friday (biggest shopping day of the year)?

Do you take time to give thanks on Thanksgiving? Many families have a tradition of taking turns saying what they are thankful for before they eat Thanksgiving dinner. We should be able to give thanks every day of our lives, because we are blessed every day of our lives. And the more we take time to give thanks, the more blessings we will recognize. At the very least, let's take the month of November and make it a month of truly giving thanks. Maybe we'll make it a habit.

So what do you think? What are you thankful for?


  1. Thanksgiving means lot's of shopping & dinner party to me.

  2. Thanksgiving means when you or your family thinks about the things that are thankful for.

  3. we don't acculy celebrate thanksgiving,but we had a report so thanks for helping.

  4. thanksgiving is about bein with yur fam all 2gether

  5. Thanksgiving is a time to show our humility and gratitude for everything we have in our life. This is something we should exercise EVERY day, in my opinion.

    I have to say, after reading the comments here, I'm really thankful for paying attention during my English classes while I was in school!