Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caught in the Headlights: 10 Lessons Learned the Hard Way, by Barry K. Phillips

"I suspect, like most of you, I've set out after some things that I thought I really wanted, only to find out that what I really wanted was something very different--better, as it turns out, but different."

Caught in the Headlights

Trade Paperback: 116 pages

Publisher: Cedar Fort (June 2008)

ISBN-10: 1599551675

ISBN-13: 978-1599551678

Website: www.barrykphillips.com

Blog: http://www.barrykphillips.com/blog

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Caught in the Headlights was not what I expected. To be honest, this is not a book I would have picked up for myself. The cover invokes visions of hunting season and deer-versus-car collisions, neither of which I like. And I'm not so much into the self-help genre these days. But a friend gave me a copy and there was a foreword by Glenn Beck, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It wasn't what I expected. It was better.

Yes, it's worth reading. Phillips discusses 10 common goals many people have, like happiness and success. Then, in a very readable style and with a large dose of humor, he explains how he discovered that the end results he thought he would achieve by pursuing these goals were really best achieved by going in a different direction.

This is one of those books that caused me to think of things in a new light, to consider concepts I had not thought of before. And, you know, I like that.


  1. Thanks Marta, I'm glad you took the time to read it. No deer hunting in any future books either, I promise!
    Thanks Again,

  2. I enjoyed this book as well!

    Hey Marta, can I get your total word count for July's BIAM?