Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'll Do Almost Anything for a Free Book

I am so psyched! I'm going to get a free ARC (advance reader copy) from one of my favorite authors! (If I jump through all the right hoops.)

James Dashner (a tremendously talented LDS author) is having a contest over at his blog The Dashner Dude, which involves saying something nice about him on my blog and posting a comment on his blog with a link back to my blog. The first 30 people to do this get a free copy of his latest book, The Journal of Curious Letters.

As proof that I am a longtime Dashner/Jimmy Fincher fan, I refer you to my first ever blog entry, back in August, in which I recommended the Jimmy Fincher series to anyone suffering from Harry Potter withdrawals. (Hmmm, reminds me of another author whose first initial is J.) James has a talent for writing stories that are fun and engaging for middle grade readers and yet also entertaining for adults. I've read all four books in the Jimmy Fincher Saga and plan to give a set to one of my nephews who is now in grade school. (He is a smart kid, but thinks reading is boring.)

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